I am a problem solver. I dig into issues, learn the facts, envision a better future, create a plan, and implement the solution. I bring a high level of energy to work and I am passionate about striving for constant improvement, empowering my co-workers, and making old things new again. The most important part of any project is getting started – so start now!



I’m constantly surrounded by a mountain of books about economics, change management, business strategy, personal improvement, and psychology. Seth Godin is my current author of choice. I love his theories in Poke the Box and I strive every day to be a Linchpin. I studied Economics, Management, and Psychology because I am fascinated by how and why people do what they do.

My mantra is, “G.O.T.O.” which is short for “Give others the opportunity to serve.” All of my learning, my collection of tools, is to help me give others the opportunity to excel. I’m developing this website to make the resources I’ve discovered easier to share. I am a teacher at heart and I am in constant search of opportunities to act on it.



In my free time I seek out adventure – new places, new activities, new people, and new stories. This has led me to travelling to 16 countries, jumping out of a plane, mountain biking in the Rocky Mountains, getting stuck in a lightning storm on the top of a mountain, white water rafting, living on a train for 24 days, rock climbing, and kayaking across the Puget Sound.

My strategy in life is to be brave and be kind. I’m not talking brave like an adrenaline junky; I’m referring to the bravery that it takes to be honest, to work hard, and to reach for the extraordinary. Although I’m far from perfect at it, I’ve made the commitment to never condemn, criticize, nor complain (which I learned from Dale Carnegie).